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Houjie liaoxia shoe market after the recent standardization management, the rate of more than 90% venue operators, operating independently, joining the brand reached 83, to achieve a licence, brand, money "three step". liaoxia shoe market is the main business district of my town footwear products trade, but also to promote the domestic shoe "bridgehead", to attract good fortune (Hongyun stores), Kang beauty, Dewin shoe roots operation. However, because of the increasing number of merchants with finished shoes in the surrounding streets and lanes, there are also some unlicensed or infringing business practices. To this end, Houjie town to further strengthen the enterprise guidance, the implementation of enterprise "admission margin system", enterprise publicity and letters (and letter stores) commitment system. At the same time, improve the market management system, the management measures such as shops, shopping malls and clear management responsibilities of operator's obligation to obey the law, require businesses take the initiative to the business sector for the business license, conscientiously carry out honesty (integrity stores) law-abiding business, effectively promote the standardization management of the finished product shoe market. Many businesses said that the implementation of the law, law-abiding, help foster independent brands, greater space for development. cheap air jordans it is reported that as of the end of June this year, the north loop liaoxia shoe shopping mall rental shops 685 households, 646 households do, according to the rate of 94.3%, operating independently, joining the brand increased to 83. next, Houjie town of industry and commerce, by letter and other departments will continue to do a good job of management and service, to further standardize business practices, and strive to build the market of finished shoes become a booster for the transformation and upgrading of the footwear industry ". (Editor: leaf) has successfully passed the IPO the largest industrial leather leather production enterprises, if no accident, two or three months later, after 8 years of listing marathon industrial leather, will become the first domestic leather industry listed companies. in this process, the most afraid is exposed "environmental protection gate" event. Wang Jingfeng said, like Societe Generale leather such enterprises, now every move for the attention of the outside world. If you encounter the "environmental protection gate" incident at this time, the listing will become very troublesome. Therefore, it is necessary to continue to make efforts for environmental protection, even if the environmental standards in the past, the future still can not afford to relax. Otherwise, once someone else does not meet the environmental protection event, shaking jordans on sale mens out the whole "environmental protection gate" incident, the road will become rough ups and downs. Societe Generale leather as early as 2005, Societe Generale leather has been put on the market concept, its initial listing destination for Hongkong. According to Societe Generale leather in 2006 formulated the "three year plan", Societe Generale leather originally planned in the first half of 2008 overseas listing. But in March 2007, Societe Generale leather suddenly will be listed on the target market to domestic. as early as 2003, the State Environmental Protection Administration has issued "on the re financing of the Corporations Applying for listing and the Listed Corporations Applying for environmental protection verification provisions", enterprises must carry out environmental verification requirements listed. While industrial leather completed the shareholding reform and plan for the first time to launch sprint domestic capital market, in January 9, 2008, the Commission issued a "notice" on the heavy pollution industry production management company IPO application documents, according to the document, the heavy pollution industry application property management company IPO application documents. The State Environmental protection administration shall provide the verification opinions; without obtaining environmental verification opinion, do not accept the application. According Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale to this provision, the industrial leather tanning enterprises to apply for listing is required after a series of strict environmental protection verification procedures, which makes industrial leather listed again a renegade amphitropous. At the same time, in October 2009, in a raid on the province's environmental protection department of leather industry in Fujian Province, there are 92 existing pollution control issues, the province's 109 tannery in all polluting enterprises in Fujian province is ordered to close down or rectification. In August 2010, the Fujian provincial government issued the circular called "the most severe leather regulation policy in our country" and "notice on strengthening the prevention and control of pollution in the leather industry". In January 2011, Fujian again issued a more severe "2011-2015 years of leather industry major pollutants total reduction program", the whole leather industry environmental protection string more tight more tight. February 27th, the Fujian provincial environmental protection department recently announced a list of key pollution control sources in 2012 in Fujian Province, Fujian 798 companies listed on the list, of which 545 are the national key monitoring companies. In the 545 countries focus on monitoring companies, which was included in the "leather industrial wastewater monitoring of key state enterprises, but also to be includ air jordan 11 space jam for sale ed in the" list of national key enterprises "heavy metal enterprises, has become a rare" double "monitoring enterprises. So, Societe Generale)misses once, possibly misses, misses two times, that is not fate! This time you and NIKE Vapormax personalized custom fate come again, catch not catch on your own! Air VaporMax's NIKEiD customization service is re opened, with silver white Flyknit uppers as the main color, you can choose a variety of color air cushion outsole, such as blue, green, pink, orange, transparent and so on. Although Swoosh Logo has 12 shoes side colors can choose, but only choose white bottom to make Swoosh Logo the color change, finally you can form Diy will want text presentation and heel, it is the one and only! this Vapormax customized for the price of 1699 RMB, interested friends can go to the NIKE official website design. Link APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! launched in 1998 the classic shoes Nike Air Max Plus, Ultra brand was injected into the elements, to create a new shoes Air Max Plus Ultra. The vamp design is more streamlined, and the use of gradient blue mesh cloth to build, the boot of the choice of more comfortable material to build, the new design also makes shoes lighter, more comf jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black ortable with the effect. The shoes are equipped with fluorescent green Swoosh, and then use the signature Tuned Air air cushion, which brings good cushioning effect. The shoes have been priced at $210 on , Titolo . APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! : the latest news about "spray" is the latest news about "tin spray", which was sold in 2011. The color of metallic tin is similar to that of silver and deeper. There is news that the shoes will be re engraved next year, the exact news we continue to pay attention. sets Air, Huarache, Air, Carnivore and Nike Free classic elements in one of the innovative new Free Huarache Carnivore, in addition to the earlier "Obsidian" version, there is still this new "Emerald" color. will be the first year black, green two colors presented in leather and mesh shoes above, supplemented by purple red contrast, in the shoes on both sides with a representative black and white patterns, and then equipped with black Free 5 running shoes outsole. which do you like better than the last color match? first by Chris - Paul himself personally in Africa during the tournament feet Jordan CP3.IX, although the official has not yet released, but in some parts of China is already hav Retro jordans for sale e shelves physical. Shoe in the shape of a continuation of the CP3 series consistently low to help shape, Hyperfuse collocation of cortical upper, bottom technology while temporarily no official news release, but we from the sole generally see forefoot with multi chamber zoom, area is not small, the specific needs of waiting for the official announcement. It is reported that this version of the color for the Chinese version, inspired by the Chinese jade, followed by the dragon totem period is more Chinese elements. Source: sneakersspysize-exclusive-jan13-4" class=" attachment-medium" data-description=" " data-index=" 1" data-permalink=" nike-bruin-vintage-size-exclusive-jan13-4/" height=" 419" src="" title=" nike-bruin-vintage-size-exclusive-jan13-4" width=" 630" /& gt; juksy ||Nike Bruin VNTG 1626; area; shoes and British fashion shoe shop size? This kind of cooperation, to create a retro shoes material design since 1970s, showing a complete imitation of old leather burst even touch, yellow tongue is also faithful, provide two kinds of color choices. Favorite retro style game player, the Bruin Vintage double Nike size? Defined shoes will definitely be your first choice. the "Yeti Hunting Club" series of day brand nonnative has r jordans on sale online ecently unveiled two pairs of new boots. All new products for the Italy boutique GUCCI's leather factory, GUIDI & ROSELLINI handmade guest system. It is made of superior buffalo leather with a rich rustic flavour. In addition, the sole of Vibram Moreflex, taking into account both wear-resisting, soft and light features. Favorite friends line can be purchased at LN-CC for $1500. Detroit brand BURN RUBBER X NEW BALANCE joint running shoes GOURMET 2010 autumn winter SEDICI L shoes review on an article: Detroit brand BURN RUBBER X NEW BALANCE joint running shoes next article: GOURMET 2010 autumn winter SEDICI L shoessince McQueen Alexander in 03 years and 05 years after the launch of the two perfume in eight years ago, it has not launched a perfume products. However, McQueen Alexander is about to restart the perfume business, the first product will be on sale in March, is said to be only in full bloom in the night of taste. this new perfume, the night is the absolute theme of "it's about the night, the dream, the obsession, the collection and the subconscious", McQueen Sarah's design director, Burton Alexander, described the research and development for more than three years. This perfume by jasmine, tuberose and Ylang Ylang tone to create a a with the aroma of dark and erotic temperament: jasmine is regarded as natural aphrodisiac, tuberose in Victorian for its aphrodisiac effects seen buy cheap jordans online if dangerous, Yilan also has aphrodisiac effect... At first glance these three kinds of flowers are quite fresh and natural, actually full of Alexander McQueen that made up of rebellion. "Women with McQueen are unique and have a real personality," Burton Sarah said. the main aroma from flowers in order to match the "night" cool smell, the fragrance in the packaging is also under the foot. The outer side of the packing box is made of black cardboard with feather pressed lines, and the inner side is a black velvet and gold label. Perfume bottle by black ceramic and gold ornaments combination, feather is Alexander usual McQueen images of death. packaging and bottles so beautiful, the perfume itself is the highest quality and concentration of natural ingredients, the brand said, they are rushing to challenge the traditional luxury perfume. Well, how much is this new luxury perfume? The answer is 50 ml sold 350 euros (about 2520 yuan), a price is absolutely heart shocked...... Although expensive, but the brand has high hopes for it: the first year is expected to exceed $50 million in sales (about RMB million), that is, about one year to sell about a bottle of. What do you think of this Alexander McQueen fragrance from the selection to the bottle design spent considerable effort of perfume regression for? Maybe it really can achieve good results in the high-end luxury perfume market.related in jordan 3 katrina 2018 formation:First team competition system, 2016 SKECHERS RUN 11.25, open, grab the newspaper, the big running group competition a person to participate in the event sometimes want to be lazy, no running power, recently concept team rise, let run more militia competition motivation, the group ran to compete! SKECHERS has added team events to the "2016 SKECHERS RUN unprecedented road race.". Exclusive interview with the championship team 22.5 km super half horse group and 14 km run group, welcome to the major group ran to challenge, as long as 8 team (each team must have at least 2 women) enrollment, have the opportunity to win the high commodity SKECHERS coupon, team exclusive bag champion team can also boarded the fashion magazine Milk and have a whole page, published an exclusive report ran group. early bird, good gift, Limited Gift 11/25 (three) open enrollment, special bonus early bird registration ceremony back - individual / group can get SKECHERS exclusive pocket backpack, and group limited team pennant. A limited number of gifts, please contact details of 2016 SKECHERS RUN and SKECHERS FB fan group official website. 2016 SKECHERS RUN, hitherto unknown racing Venue: Taipei Riverside Park StockX shoes trading platform to the concept of stock system operation without warning today launched the "Cavs Championship Court" package group, this product is Nike and the Cleveland three p cheap foamposites arties together to commemorate the Cavaliers history's first trophy. LeBron James Memorial suit with two signature shoes for the protagonist, a symbol of occupation career starting point Air Zoom Generation and the new boots LeBron 14, respectively, 23 Group Limited production, the whole packaging concept caused by Cleveland stadium camp Quicken Loans Arena, and made the team with home court floor after the division of the memorial box, no the external sale team championship ring, Champions Commemorative Edition and other accessories, the official said it would be a "knight can have the first championship history opportunity. Cavs Championship Court is currently on the StockX website open bid Air Zoom Generation and LeBron 14 separate bidding, the final price of the top 23 is the winner, activities to the U.S. Eastern time at 9:00 on January 19th deadline, this will be part of the proceeds donated to the Cavaliers Youth foundation as a public purpose. Nike Air Zoom Generation "First Game" package group, interested in bidding, click link to go. Nike Lebron 14 "Out Of Nowhere" package group, interested in bidding, click link to go. Cavs Championship Court each set is accompanied by wooden boxed, champion rings, commemorative cards and other accessories. source: StockX / Mr MASICS Tiger representative Gel-Lyte III shoes behind the operating hand (Shigeyuki Mitsui), the Mitsui designer had mentioned in an interview, in the design of this pair of shoes, only hope to design a pair of equipped with top technology and performance at the same time, a visually pleasing "feel" is the ultimate running shoes, so the spirit of continuous innovation, make brand new market positioning. Suede and leather soft has been Gel series features, the specially designed for women a series of Whisper Pink Pack, in addition to foreign media III, GT-COOL shooting share GEL-Lyte Xpress, and Gel-Sight a total of three models of shoes, inspired by the daily quiet time, from light pink and gray low-key intertwined a sweet but not greasy color with quiet texture, different type of shoes of different interpretations, details are worth pondering, the fast tempo slowed down now, total steps in the taste of life. ASICS "WHISPER PINK" PACK abroad since June 11th, can be purchased in Asics, Tiger, official website, NAKED and other places. 2016.06.17 source: EU Kicksadidas is expected in October in the sale of D Rose 6, until the season also saw Derrick Rose wearing new boots on the fight. before the official listing, D Rose 6 joined the miadidas customized services, through the system can design their favorite exclusive color. The miadidas provides two modules to choose from, a vamp three materials: breathable fabric, synthetic leather and suede; another one is the pattern with ink, Lin lines, similar to D Rose 3.5. The diamond lattice lines, and this Halloween version of the brain camouflage pattern. In addition, the outsole has a jelly base to pick, and even the inner X-Plate can change color. The diversity of detail choices for D Rose 6 add a lot of visibility. The miadidas D Rose 6 is priced at $$160, and the favorite miadidas designers might as well design it. source: kicksonfire / miadidasTOTAL AIR FOAMPOSITE MAX is a pair of people love to hate space shoes, love is because it is a classic, foamposite material collocation of foot Max air, irresistible charm, hate is the weight of this pair of shoes is not popular, and the price is very expensive, every time out always make shoes fans hesitated, the most the new color came in Taiwan offering news, the first use of inkjet pattern presumably so that many collectors and itch, is expected in October listed, priced 7200 yuan, yuan to start! source: Mita sneakers is the University of North Carolina and legend, Michael Jordan Jordan Brand in the name of his alma mater, sponsorship has been for years, so Tar Heels UNC, the theme of the player version of shoes are white with blue sky design emerge in an endless stream, always can attract a lot of attention. In March, the Air Jordan 31 Low UNC PE was sold and believed to satisfy the wishes of many fans, and now the new color has been integrated into the classic North Carolina blue as an ornament. Despite the absence of any Heels or Tar UNC sign, but the symbolic blue and white gradient shoe body plus trapeze signs this design for love, and love low-key friend, perhaps this pair of Air Jordan 31 Low is a good choice. Shoes abroad is expected in May 26 landing and designated distribution point, the price of 160 U. S. dollars, Taiwan, if the news will be brought to you. source: JordanInsta Pump Fury is one of Reebok's most representative products, over the years in the extension design is quite diverse, but the latest Reebok Furylite is very special, a change in the original logo design of the inflatable, leaving only the outer contour shape as a present, and back lacing system normal. Although we are impressed with the Insta Pump Fury features some of the gap, but both maintain a unique lineage and light elements, and show the classic shoes on the other side. source: EU Kicks Nike had previously launched with Air Huarache Air Huarache BBALL Body Works prototype so that we have a retro styling are new technology experience, and this is one of the classic Nike Nike Air Huarache will be launched next year if it was engraved, sandal like Huarache concept affected many of the classic shoes in subsequent at that time, but the topic of a diary, the engraved release date set at present will be introduced many OG color let you pick the next year. source: sneakernews